An Ideal Collab…

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Quiero Verano is a new joint project from Radical One and Mozes. The latin music inspired Radical One has had a bunch of his tracks featured on Soulection Radio and Mozes is slated to perform at Diplo’s Mad Decent festival this summer. With both producers having solid co-sings from both camps, it only makes sense the two Massachusetts based producers collaborate on a project together…

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M= Mozes / R1 = Radical One. Interview questions and images by Mal

When did you both decide on making a joint project?

M: We had something in the works for a bit, which we recently decided to release as singles in the near future.

R1: This project came about spontaneously a couple weeks back. We have been sending each other projects back and forth. It just happened to be that these three tracks specifically connected in a way that inspired us to launch them collectively. We decided it’s only right we bring a solid project to start the summer off muy picante.

Radicle One, many of your solo tracks are food inspired - what was the thinking when naming these songs?

R1: Food and music are two things very commonly paired together in most parties and celebrations. Being a latino from the Dominican Republic we are no strangers for succulent good eats. From mangu, to sancocho, eating spaghetti with tostones on the beach. This inspired me to give such dope titles for my tracks such as carribean staples “mas sofrito, mas coquito, mas lechon, etc”

What are you both trying to make listeners feel with Quiero Verano?

M: Love, R&b vibes, latin influence with a flare. The project brings an old soul feel with a new age attitude. The Intro carries a Donell Jones sample, we both grew up listening to him during the prime r&b era.

R1: This project is meant to give you chill summer vibes with flavors from around the world. We want to make you feel like you’re cruising on a droptop along a nice breezy summer day at the beach. At the same time, we feel these tracks have such a vibrant element, so anytime you listen, you wanna get up and dance.

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Sonically, what inspired you both when making this?

M: Pretty much the genres and sounds that influence us, including latin, reggaeton, dance hall, EDM, hip hop, etc.  When we link up, it’s always a fusion of all types of shit.

R1: We are trying to provide familiar sounds with a new age flair. I personally love dabbling with r&b sounds all the time; its something ingrained in me. At the same time it should take the listeners into a trip into our minds as producers and creatives; I really want to show the listener a dope take on something classic.

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Mozes, Being Cambodian, what got you into afrobeat/riddim and dancehall?

M: When I was younger, I was at a flea market and walked by the music section/stand. The DJ had some music playing and the song that was on at that time, was Donell Jones’ “Where I wanna be” on a reggae/dancehall beat. Donell was one of my favorite artists at that time, r&b was just that ill in those years. I purchased the CD and was bumpin it for the longest. Later to find out, it was Major Christie who covered the tune. I got into collecting late 90s and early 2000 riddims and mixing it in Audacity.As far as afrobeat, I gotta thank my No Wahala bros.   

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At this moment what are some of the proudest moments of your career(s)?

M: Other than being able to perform at my first festival this year, my proudest moments are hearing DJs and artist playing and supporting my tunes. Whether they’re tagging me in a video or when I’m at an event, the feeling is indescribable.  

R1: My first tour last year in Europe was life changing and memorable. Being able to travel around the world to bring the sounds that influence me, and share it with the world, is one of the things i’m proudest of.

Anything you both want to add?

R1: thanks to our primo Mal for helping with the visual direction of this project. Expect my next project “Amor De/Love From” sometime this summer…

Listen to the full three track project below via Soundcloud. For more on Mozes and Radical One you can visit the links after the embedded project.